jQuery Smart Wizard 4: Releases

The awesome jQuery step wizard plugin with Bootstrap support

  • jQuery Smart Wizard 4

    v4.3.1 Latest release

    • Two new options on v4.1.5: contentCache, ajaxSettings
    • New options: showStepURLhash, removeDoneStepOnNavigateBack, markAllPreviousStepsAsDone, hiddenSteps
    • New parameter on showStep event, name: stepPosition values: first, final, middle
    • New public method, stepState. Function to Dynamically disable/enable hide/show steps
    • Added compatible with latest jQuery versions (jQuery 1.9+, jQuery 2+, jQuery 3+)
    • Option 'toolbarExtraButtons' now accepts elements as jQuery objects
    • Code optimized
    • Bug fixes

  • jQuery Smart Wizard 3


    Version 3 is an unofficial fork by @mstratman on the repository https://github.com/mstratman/jQuery-Smart-Wizard. It was a great job of maintaining the plugin for so long. But now the reporistory is unmaintained and we have the official jQuery Smart Wizard v4

  • Smart Wizard 2


    The second instalment with a lot more features including ajax content loading, more animations

    Download Smart Wizard 2 v2.0.1
  • Smart Wizard


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